Body Types

Hefty, Athletic, Slender, or Pear-shaped – Which Type Are You?

Every individual body type is unique, but as per science, there exist some general body shapes. Based on the size, weight, and physique a distinction is made between four types. It is essential to know your body type while buying a new mattress to attain optimal spinal alignment. The SleepDoctor mattress supports all body types.

Hefty Type:

This body type has the following characteristics: ⁃ predominantly hefty ones, solid build ⁃ shoulders, chest, and stomach proportionately powerful ⁃ wider hips ⁃ more extensive stomach than backside ➔ Heavy and solid ones.

Athletic Type:

This body type people are predominantly tall ones with muscular and fit build ⁃ shoulders being wide than the hips ⁃ backside and stomach are not obvious ➔ Athletic and muscular ones.

Slender Type:

This body type people are characteristically ⁃ predominantly small to medium-sized group with slim build ⁃ hips and shoulders the same width ⁃ backside and stomach not pronounced ➔ Small and light ones.

Pear-Shaped Type:

Finally, this body people are ⁃ predominantly small to medium-sized build with narrow shoulders and wider waist ⁃ backside and thighs tend to be heavier ➔ Small and little heavier ones than slender type.

Do you tend to be more the Hefty, Athletic, Slender, or Pear-shaped -type? Do you recognize yourself? Do you identify yourself as any body type? The vast majority of the population fits into one of these four body type categories. Along with the Hefty, Athletic, Slender, or Pear-shaped types, there are so-called mixed forms, which have characteristics of one or more types. Body shape differs from person to person. Identify the body type that best relates you to orient yourself. Don’t worry if you fall between two body shapes, we have got you covered. SleepDoctor mattress is designed to suit a wide range of body variations to achieve maximum comfort and support.

Hefty, Athletic, Slender, or Pear-shaped is a Reference Point While purchasing a Mattress

According to Hefty, Athletic, Slender, or Pear-shaped classification, the typology is substantial while buying a new mattress. Depending on the physique, certain requirements must be fulfilled for a restful sleep. For this reason alone, it is vital to identify your body type. The Slender, or Pear-shaped-type – small and light people, holds the best card while purchasing a mattress. These body types do not sink into the mattress while lying as the mattress easily fulfills the support function. However, Hefty and Athletic body types – large and heavy people, the mattress has more work to do. At night, the muscles relax and can no longer optimally fulfill their support function for the entire skeletal system (in particular for the spine). At this point, the mattress comes into action and must provide adequate compensation for this. In this case, an imperfect mattress can cause severe back pain and other kinds of discomfort.

If a hefty body type person lies on his or her side, the mattress must compensate for the difference between the pelvis, waist, and shoulders. Otherwise, it causes a cramped lying position, which can adversely affect the whole body. The same is applicable for a Pear-shaped body type with a wide pelvis. The body structure of varied shapes is pressed against the mattress to varying degrees. An adaptation occurs here essentially. Taking an average of seven to eight hours of sleep per day, we spend about one-third of our life in bed, so it is possible to guess the extent of the impact an insufficiently supportive mattress can exert on us.

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