All of our lives have been affected in one another way due to Covid-19. Covid-19 has brought so many changes in our lives, and also it has impacted some processes in our company. SleepDoctor team is working to limit the impact created by the virus while keeping everyone safe. We kindly request you to understand the current situation and we will do everything in our power to get your order to you as soon as possible!

Customer support is handled by our in-house experts when you purchase SleepDoctor products through our official website www.oursleepdoctor.com. If in case you purchase any of the SleepDoctor products through other e-commerce platforms, the customer support including returns and exchange are managed by that particular e-commerce platform’s customer support team. This might lead to delays because of a different workflow and SLA between the platforms.

Customers can reach customer service through e-mail support@oursleepdoctor.com or +91 44 7966 5509. Our professionals are well equipped to provide all mattress-related consultations.

We take great pride in the quality of foams we use, and so we are confident to compress and vacuum pack the mattress in a box. It allows for easy transportation and also allows us to deliver to you free of cost throughout India.

We do have a traditional experience center in Chennai. We have displayed all the products in the experience center to the customers.

A mattress protector is a thin sheet (like a fitted bed sheet) made up of terry cotton at the top, TPU film at the bottom, and lycra elastic at the sides to preserve your investment. The mattress protector keeps your mattress brand new by protecting it from dust, stains, water, and any liquid spills.

For best results, we recommend you a machine wash with mild detergents and tumble dry low. Do not heat dry, do not iron, do not bleach as this will cause delamination and shrinkage in the fabric. We want longevity on your mattress protector. Hence, we do not recommend dry cleaning the mattress protector.

We specifically designed our mattress in a way that you sleep cool throughout the night. But the mattress protector would feel good retaining a pleasant environment with natural breathability.

We recommend washing the mattress protector as required, especially in case of an accidental or unwanted spill, stains. If you are free from messes, we recommend washing the mattress protector once a month for better care.

The beauty of our mattress protector is that it might look a little big, but it fits perfectly into your mattress because of its lycra elastic fit. The sides have to be tucked fully into the bed base or frame. If you still find it to be bigger, give it a quick machine wash, and it should be fine.

We follow the footsteps of our government and Honourable Prime Minister, with the concept of the Make in India movement. We are proud to say that our mattress protectors are designed and manufactured in India.

We felt the protector is an integral part of our mattress, where it protects against anything and also hugs the mattress without compromising the breathability of your sleep system.

The SleepDoctor Waterproof Mattress Protector will not change the sleeping comfort of your mattress or affect temperature. After several rounds of climatic chamber testing, we settled on the optimal film that is used for spill protection.

The protector’s unique elastic material offers a superior stretch balance to fit on your SleepDoctor mattress and can accommodate up to 12 inches thickness. The stretch across all the directions allows the fabric to move along with your mattress instead of popping off.

Our mattress is made with environment-friendly materials and without harmful chemicals. The mattress consists of the following materials as explained below

ActiveCool® Cover:

The ActiveCool® elastic cover is made from a unique fiber with Aloe Vera. Aloe vera keeps you cool throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The unique 3D fiber increases the airflow, keeping moisture away from the textile, ensuring it has a pleasant and luxurious feel. The top layer with Aloe Vera and UltraFresh Technology protects the fabric from Bacteria, fungi, Dust Mites, and other microbes. ActiveCool® Cover with the unique 3D fiber keeps the mattress in shape with all necessary features for a comfortable sleep.

Premium SoftCell® Foam:

The innovative premium SoftCell® foam regulates your sleep temperature through its open cell structure. The breathable foam increases the airflow keeping you cool throughout the night.

The premium SoftCell® foam supports your body’s pressure points with an extremely comfortable and luxurious feel throughout your sleep.

Cool Gel Memory Foam

The cool gel memory foam distributes your body weight evenly across the mattress by contouring the body shape through its viscoelastic nature. The cool gel infused in the memory foam keeps you cool throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.

High Resilience Foam with UpSpine® Technology

The high-resilience base layer gives extra support with a solid base. The UpSpine® technology provides you with the right kind of support and comfort throughout your sleep. The UpSpine® technology allows the body to sink in evenly with even bodyweight distribution providing optimum spinal alignment. The UpSpine® technology has a zero-motion transfer where if you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you will not feel the movement. This technology ensures that you are not disturbed during your sleep and sleep very comfortably.

Anti-Slip Breathable Bottom Cover:

The anti-slip breathable bottom cover prevents the mattress from slipping off and also ensures good air circulation.

SleepDoctor produces highly durable OEKOTEX standard 100 certified polyurethane foams that include Memory foams, Supersoft foams, and high resilience foam mattresses.

With extensive research on various sleep patterns, body shapes, and different bedding materials over the years, we have come out with the best design and durable mattresses that give you a comfortable night’s sleep. SleepDoctor mattresses provide optimal support to your spine and lower lumbar region compared to other Memory Foam mattresses.

We advise you to test your SleepDoctor mattress for at least 2 – 3 weeks. If your previous mattress was troublesome, and if you have taught your muscle to adapt to the wrong posture, then your body requires time to unlearn the wrong and learn the right way. Adaptation takes time because of the posture of your body in the previous mattress that has a muscle cell memory in your body related to comfort. Thus, the change in posture requires time to be felt comfortable as the shift is new.

If you experience an error after applying the valid coupon codes during the order process, we are happy to help you in completing the order. Call us on +9144 7966 5509 or mail us at support@oursleepdoctor.com

No worries! We have created a size guide for you to choose from. Check it out here

We highly encourage you to measure the inner dimensions of the cot or bed frame before placing your order. We have seen customers placing orders with the incorrect size accidentally and realize after the mattress gets delivered. Confirming the correct mattress size for your cot or bed frame before ordering will save you from the inconveniences of switching out to the correct size.


72×36 inches / 6×3 Ft & 13.5 Kg

75×36 inches / 6.25×3 Ft & 14 Kg

78×36 inches / 6.5×3 Ft & 14.5 Kg


72×48 inches / 6×4 Ft & 18.5 Kg

75×48 inches / 6.25×4 Ft & 19 Kg

78×48 inches / 6.5×4 Ft & 19.5 Kg


72×60 inches / 6×5 Ft & 23 Kg

75×60 inches / 6.25×5 Ft & 23.5 Kg

78×60 inches / 6.5×5 Ft & 24 Kg

84×60 inches / 7.1×5 Ft & 26 Kg


72×60 inches / 6×6 Ft & 27 Kg

75×60 inches / 6.25×6 Ft & 27.5 Kg

78×60 inches / 6.5×6 Ft & 28.5 Kg

84×60 inches / 7×6 Ft & 30 Kg

Most mattresses have a break-in period which is the time it takes to get adjusted to your body shape. Your new mattress is different from your old one because of its newness, and like most products (a new pair of shoes) it takes time to get adjusted to an individual. SleepDoctor Mattresses have a break-in period of 2 to 3 weeks, providing ample time for the body to adjust to the mattress.

SleepDoctor Mattresses cost low because we sell durable, high-quality mattresses to our customers directly without relying on any middlemen. The prices are clear identification of the manufacturing cost and no commission profits.

When you unbox a new SleepDoctor Mattress you may experience a mild odor which is the case in most of the new products. Worry not, this smell will not last long and will feel normal within a few hours of unpacking. We compress, fold, and roll pack the mattress for easy shipment, and hence this smell occurs. The chemicals used are harmless and will dissipate over the next few days.

SleepDoctor Memory Foam Mattress comes with a breathable inner sock, and it is stitched permanently. The outer cover is a 450 GSM knitted fabric that comes with a zipper. The zipper can be removed easily for cleaning.

SleepDoctor Mattresses have a best-in-the-industry warranty of 10 years as per DIN EN 1957. The Mattresses are engineered and produced by experts in India and last for a long time. Please refer to our Warranty policy page for more details.

Like Bliss! Our R&D team has designed the mattresses with the utmost attention that provides you the right kind of support and comfort throughout your sleep. Our products not only offer superior quality but also designed to meet all your sleeping needs at an affordable price!

Our mattress is designed to give a premium softness and plush feeling on the top, while the bottom parts give the required support for the back. SleepDoctor offers an accurate degree of firmness as per DIN EN 1957. We deliver a firmness ranging 6.5 on a scale of 1-10, wherein 1-very soft and 10 – very hard in nature as a flat surface. Our R&D team has designed the mattress to meet the requirements of different types of people. SleepDoctor mattress are for the people who prefer soft as well as for the ones who need a firm mattress for back support. Thus, irrespective of your usual preference you will find the SleepDoctor mattress to be perfect for you.

For a peaceful mind, we recommend using the SleepDoctor Waterproof Mattress Protector. By purchasing the mattress protector, you are allowing your investment to last for a longer period. The fitted bed sheets will keep your mattress clean but they won’t prevent your mattress from any spills or leaks from seeping into the mattress.

We suggest you treat your mattress with care as per the care label. The cover provided with the mattress is machine washable and easily removable. In the case of mild stains, use mild detergent treatment with warm water will suffice. Do not tumble dry. Mattress protector reduces the stress of making permanent stains with easy clean technology. Before zipping your cover back into the mattress, ensure that the cover is completely dry.

If you’d like to purchase a replacement cover for your mattress, our Customer Care team is ready to help! Please reach out to them by emailing support@oursleepdoctor.com or calling +9144 7966 5509 on any weekdays.

The white surface of the climate regulating cover should always face upwards. For the perfect functionality of the mattress structure, position the mattress core inside the protective-cover with the black layer facing upwards, and the thick white foam layer should be aligned facing down.

Conventional wisdom says that you should replace your mattress once every 7 years. But this depends on the mattress usage and how well you care for the mattress. SleepDoctor mattress are designed using high-quality foams with long-term durability and resilience in mind. It is extremely important to take proper of your mattress to extend the life of your mattress. SleepDoctor waterproof mattress protector can keep your mattress brand new. The best thing about SleepDoctor mattress is that our limited warranty covers a full 10 years, so you are guaranteed to have a peaceful, refreshing, and comfortable sleep for the next decade.

The SleepDoctor mattress is symmetrical. Place your head perpendicular to the SleepDoctor logo to obtain the functional benefits. You could rotate it by 180 degrees to extend the life of the mattress, but you do not need to flip it over. Make sure you position it with the white fabric facing upwards as per the instructions to attain the overall benefits of the mattress.

Our mattress will not fit inside the box they came in! We recommend covering it with plastic or polybags securing it temporarily while you move. Another option is using mattress boxes available through moving companies.

Yes, you can lay it on any clean and flat surface such as a slatted frame, adjustable bed frame, a traditional cot, or even on the floor. The mattress comes along with a protective cover that is of anti-slip material, which helps in keeping your mattress in place.

The waiting period for the mattress is 48 hours to get to its 100% dimensions after unboxing. But the mattress gets back to 95% thickness immediately after you unbox it. So, you can start snoozing right away after setting your bedsheets on. Make sure your mattress is facing the right side up before putting your sheets on.

Normally the mattress will be ready for bedtime within minutes after unboxing. But in some cases, it takes a little longer time, so we suggest you give 48 hours for the mattress to expand to its true dimensions.

Don’t forget to capture the magic of unboxing! Document your unboxing video, send it to suppor@oursleepdoctor.com, and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

Our mattress is designed to be used on a flat surface unlike sofa beds are not flat. Repeated mattress folding will cause long-term damage to the materials.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide samples of our mattress at the moment. Our foam and cover fabrics are only used after rounds of rigorous testing and market research to ensure they are of the highest quality and suited for our customers. In case you wish to know more about the material we use to manufacture your mattresses, feel free to get in touch with us by phone at +9144 7966 5509 or e-mail (support@oursleepdoctor.com).

Yes! Our mattresses are foldable and are kept for few weeks, however, please avoid keeping them folded for months as it may result in affecting the shape and firmness of the mattress.

SleepDoctor Mattress is designed in a way to support up to 200 kgs on either side of the mattress. Extensive research has gone behind this for a great sleep pattern.

We apologize that your product did not arrive in perfect condition. Don’t worry, we are here to solve your concern with the help of our customer care team. Our customer care team would require a bit of information on your order as well as the issue that you are facing with your product.

Please reach out to our customer care team by emailing support@oursleepdoctor.com or calling +9144 7966 5509 on any weekdays.

Our customer care team is there to help you purchase a new cover for your dog bed or mattress. Please reach out to our customer care team by emailing support@oursleepdoctor.com or calling +9144 7966 5509 on any weekdays.

You can find all the details of our warranty information by visiting our Warranty page

You can find all the details of our warranty claim information by visiting our return page To get started with your claim, please reach out to our customer care team by emailing support@oursleepdoctor.com or calling +9144 7966 5509 on any weekdays with your order number.

As seen on any website, the concept of individual sleep positions is a marketing term used by the bedding industry to sell more products. As a result, people are more curious to know the truth behind the sleeping position. Our research shows that almost everyone shifts and turns around during the night. So whatever position you sleep, you are assured that our SleepDoctor supersoft pillows support your unique sleeping style.

The inner core of our pillow is filled with virgin fibers for contouring the head and neck support. The outer shell fabric is made from 100% cotton fabric with 350 TC to protect the inner layer. Together, they create a SuperSoft, adaptive, and resilient pillow that remains cozy throughout the night.

Based on the study, we recommend replacing your pillow every one year, but we understand that it does not happen this way every time. If you feel that your head does not get enough support from the pillow, then it’s time for you to buy a new one. No matter how you sleep, your pillow should be under your head, not under your shoulders. Your pillow thickness should allow your head to be in an optimal position.

No matter what position you sleep in, your pillow should be under your head, not under your shoulders or knee, or toes. The SleepDoctor pillow is designed to stay supportive for every toss and turn during the night.

The pillow is not designed to have the fill replaced if it wears out due to hygienic reasons. We recommend replacing your pillow every year to ensure you have a supportive, and comfortable pillow.

The filling inside the pillows and the textile outside are OEKOTEX Standard 100 certified virgin microfibers and 100% cotton.

We offer one pillow size. Through research, we recommend purchasing a standard pillow that measures 16 x 26 inches with a 2-inch fluffiness.

We follow the footsteps of our government and Honourable Prime Minister with the concept of the Make in India movement. We are proud to say that our pillows are designed and manufactured in India.

SleepDoctor Mattress is rolled and vacuum packed into a stylish box. The dimensions of the box vary with different sizes, and it is shipped throughout India.

Call us on +9144 7966 5509 or mail us at support@oursleepdoctor.com for any changes related to mattress size, address change, or delivery dates.

SleepDoctor family sells mattresses in all conventional sizes and at affordable prices. Please visit our mattress product section for more information.

You can use the coupon codes in the cart or checkout of the order process. Just enter the code in the field and click apply the coupon to enjoy the extra benefits.

If you experience an error after applying the valid coupon codes during the order process, we are happy to help you in completing the order. Call us on +9144 7966 5509 or mail us at support@oursleepdoctor.com

Once you have placed your order, our products ship from their respective warehouse within 5-7 business days due to covid-19 restrictions. Once a product has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to follow your order.

If you are facing any difficulties in tracking your order, please don’t hesitate to reach our customer care by calling +9144 7966 5509 or email us at support@oursleepdoctor.com

We are unable to provide a 100% guarantee that your order will be delivered on a specific date due to occasional weather or operational delay that could impact the delivery date. As soon as your order ships out, we will send a shipping confirmation email with tracking numbers, so that you can have a track of the order.

We accept the following payment options:

  • Credit card and Debit including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay, and American Express
  • UPI
  • EMI
  • 50+ NetBanking options
  • 9 Payment Wallet Options

We deliver our products with free shipping across pan India.

The refund process usually takes up to 2 weeks and it depends on the payment method chosen by the customer. As soon as the mattress arrives in the warehouse after the return, the refund will be initiated.

There will be a logistics partner assigned for your return. Once we receive the notification about the mattress from the logistics partner, we will initiate the refund to your actual method of payment (credit card, debit card, etc)

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