The firmness level is one of the valuable factors that determine whether the mattress is soft or hard on a scale of 0-10. However, there are many misconceptions concerning the degree of firmness. Generally, the manufacturers relate the firmness level with the weight recommendations, which is not legally binding since there is a DIN (DeutschesInstitutfürNormung – German Institute for Standardization) standard to measure the firmness of the mattress. Not even 10% of manufacturers abide by this standard in their labelling. SleepDoctor offers an accurate degree of firmness as per DIN EN 1957. We deliver a firmness ranging 6.5 on a scale of 0-10, wherein 0-very soft and 10 – very hard in nature as a flat surface.Now here comes another question in your mind, Which Degree of Firmness is Right for me?

Which Degree of Firmness is Right for Me?

The most substantial factor for an ideal mattress is that it optimally supports the spine in every sleeping position for all body types. SleepDoctor mattress was tested and rated the best mattress that suits all body types based on the Hefty, Athletic, Slender, or Pear-shaped body types as per DIN standards. SleepDoctor mattress fits One for All, no matter your sleeping position, be it on the back, side or stomach, regardless you are short, tall, light, or heavy. Thus, the level of firmness tends to be a personal decision influenced by prior experiences and comfort.

Why is it a Personal Decision?

Individuals are unique with their choices; some might prefer a softer mattress while others go for a harder one. SleepDoctor is suitable for all types of people, heavy ones as well as light ones, in all sleeping positions.

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