SleepDoctor Mattress – Limited Warranty

SleepDoctor mattress comes with a limited warranty (warranty period) of 10 years.

Manufacturing Defects

SleepDoctor Mattress provides a warranty against manufacturing defects for ten years from your date of purchase. For claims on manufacturing defect within one year from the date of purchase, will be provided with repair or replacement with an identical product. In case of any manufacturing defect after the first year, either a repair or in case if a repair is not possible, a Prorated Credit Settlement will be applicable.

List of Manufacturing Defects

  • 1. Upon opening, the Roll-Packed mattress should come back to its specified dimensions within 72 hours, if it doesn’t come back to the exact dimension of the mattress, the product is defective. However, a + or – 15 mm variation in length, width, and thickness is in the tolerance limit.
  • 2. Any sort of fabric damage found on opening the seal is considered to be a defective product.
  • 3. Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
  • 4. Visible reduction of thickness and/or sagging more than 2 (two) inches whether caused by body indentation and/or ordinary use

Exclusions of Manufacturing Defects

  • 1. Regular wear and tear of the cover including stitching, seams, and zips.
  • 2. Improper and/or poor foundational support and/ or placing on incorrect/ improper sized bed frame/ support.
  • 3. Improper usage and/or handling not conforming with prescribed reasonable care and precautions for usage.
  • 4. SleepDoctor mattress is designed to be used on a firm solid surface, any defect found due to improper support for the mattress is not be covered under warranty.
  • 5. Any improper usage/Damage of the mattress due to misuse or abuse.
  • 6. Any sort of fabric/zip /mattress damage caused while opening the seal of the mattress is not covered under the warranty.
  • 7. Firmness or comfort preferences of the product are not considered a defect.
  • 8. Any visible and lasting indentation (body impression) lesser than 2 inches of the total height of the mattress (not associated with a sag in the bed base or cot) is not covered under warranty.
  • 9. Any damage caused due to liquid spillage, pets, fabric and foam staining, soiling, fluid penetration, tears or burns, discoloration of the fabric is not covered under the warranty.
  • 10. Mould, dirt, dust, smell, insects, rodents, pests, bed bugs, or other such conditions resulting from unhygienic, poor, and/or improper maintenance and/or care of the product or the environment in which used.
  • 11. Exposure to cold/hot temperatures for a long period causes the materials to tear or permanently deform.
  • 12. Exposure to any hot surfaces like an iron, heating device, fire and/or smoke, Bending, cutting, altering and/or mishandling, Placing of any heavy, sharp, and/or unusual objects.

Terms & Conditions of Warranty

  • 1.To raise a warranty claim for a Manufacturing Defect or request for repairs not covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the customer is required to submit a warranty claim or service request, as applicable, to the customer care team and in case of a warranty claim, shall provide full particulars relating to the Manufacturing Defect including photographs evidencing the same along with copies of the original invoice. If not, Infinity Nodes or SleepDoctor has all rights to reject your claim for the warranty provided.
  • 2. The Manufacturer’s warranty on the product only extends to manufacturing defects.
  • 3. The Manufacturer’s warranty is valid only if proper care of the product is taken as per the use and care directions prescribed hereinabove.
  • 4. The Manufacturer’s warranty is not valid if the original configuration of the product has been changed or any unauthorized repairs have been carried out to the product.
  • 5. The Manufacturer’s warranty shall be automatically void if the product tags are tampered with and/or removed.
  • 6. The Manufacturer’s warranty shall be applicable on warranty claims made only by the original purchaser as evidenced by the invoice.
  • 7. The Manufacturer’s warranty shall be valid only if the product is purchased from an authorized seller.
  • 8. About the replacements, the total sleeping surface of the mattress and all kinds of visible faults should be provided with the proof of necessary photographs to support@oursleepdoctor.com failing which the replacement may further delay or be cancelled.
  • 9. In case the cover alone is faulty by the time you receive and unpack the product, the cover will only be replaced, but not the whole mattress.
  • 10. Returns will be accepted only when the product satisfies the return criteria (Please refer to the Return criteria under return policy ). Our team will process all genuine claims and will be processed within 15 business days after the receipt of the warranty claim
  • 11. Inspection and pickup of the warranty claims will be scheduled within 10 business days of raising a request for return unless rescheduled by the customer.
  • 12. In the event, the manufacturer repairs a product under an approved warranty claim, the repaired product will not extend the original Warranty Period of the Product.
  • 13. The prorated credit settlement would be processed in the form of credit vouchers that can be made use for the purchase of SleepDoctor mattress onlythrough www.oursleepdoctor.com
  • 14. Infinity Nodes / SleepDoctor are responsible for the final decision regarding the final decisions on warranty. Company reserves all the rights to reject any warranty claim if it does not satisfy or fulfil the Terms and Conditions of the warranty.
  • 15. Infinity Nodes / SleepDoctor shall not be liable or take responsibility for any failure to perform, delay in performance, or any other obligations under the Manufacturer’s Warranty if and to the extent, such delay or failure is caused, in whole or in part, by a Force Majeure Event. A “Force Majeure Event” shall mean, any event, circumstance, occurrence, or cause beyond the reasonable control of the Manufacturer, including any Acts of God such as natural disasters, fire, explosion, flood, pandemics, epidemics, power failures, strikes, war or war threat, acts of terrorism, civil disorder, Governmental actions, lockdowns, national emergency, riot, sabotage, labour disputes, and strikes. The obligation of the manufacturer to perform under the Manufacturer’s Warranty shall be deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and it shall have an extension of time for performance for the duration of that period.
  • 16. Disputes, if any, will be subject to Chennai Jurisdiction only.

SleepDoctor Waterproof Mattress Protector – Limited Warranty

SleepDoctorwaterproof mattress protector is warrantied against any manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months. In case of any manufacturing defect during this period, the protector will be repaired or in case a repair is not possible the protector will be replaced with an identical product.

List of Manufacturing Defects

  • 1. Any damage to the fabric visible immediately after opening the package.
  • 2. Damage to the TPU Film.
  • 3. Any damage to the elastic cord visible immediately after opening the package

Exclusions of Manufacturing Defect

  • 1. Mould, dirt or smell resulting from poor mattress protector care.
  • 2. Damage occurred because of not following the mattress protector wash care.
  • 3. Wear and tear due to normal usage.

Warranty Claim Process

To initiate the warranty claim process, please contact us on +91 4479665509 or support@oursleepdoctor.com with a clear description of the problem, associated pictures and a copy of the purchase invoice. Your failure to comply with these claim submission instructions may void this Warranty. Infinity Nodes / SleepDoctor reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to require photographs, further information or descriptions, or to physically inspect the products prior to accepting a particular claim under this Warranty.

Once the claim has been verified, SleepDoctor will, at its own discretion repair, replace or give a Prorated Credit Settlement as per the Terms and Conditions to warranty.

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