One for All

One for All: Our ideology is “One Mattress for All”

Wherever we go for mattress shopping at any branded outlet, you can observe that we have a broad range of options to pick a mattress of our choice. Nevertheless, we all have some common queries like what is the exact difference between those options. How is it unique from the other available options? Which mattress will suit you the best? Is there any role of aesthetics in the quality of sleep?

The common question we all face from a salesperson when we ask for a recommendation is “what is your budget”? But the next question that arises among us how does the mattress quality varies to pricing and how to choose the best quality mattress. The answer from the salesperson would be that every bed is best and unique in its way. Many factors play a vital role during the process of development and manufacturing of a mattress. These factors and features affect the comfort and quality of the mattress that are not well educated to the end-users.

The variation occurs in terms of the type of mattress production, packaging, comfort, the durability of the product, and price range. In a family, every individual will be of a different weight and body type. One might weigh 65kgs while the other may weigh 80kgs or higher. A salesperson would recommend the features that would fit any one of the sleepers but not both. That is why the same mattress may not give the same kind of comfort to every person. At SleepDoctor, our research and development team works out on these points WHAT NOT TO DO. We did not follow the usual market pattern of selling mattresses made of Latex, Spring, Coir, Cotton, etc. Our team of experts spent more time finding the ideal material that provides the optimum spinal alignment. The perfect spinal alignment is meant not only for an individual but for every member of the family.

After testing all the materials in the SleepLab, our experts have a clear idea about using the ideal material. The material has to provide optimal spinal alignment for the whole family who sleeps on the mattress, and not only for an individual. Hence our R&D team worked with the foam material since it is an absolute fit to be an optimal mattress.

How is the SleepDoctor mattress made?

Our experts make each SleepDoctor product with utmost attention from the in-house R & D department. Unlike our contenders, we spend considerable time in extensive research, followed by rigorous testing to meet the ergonomics level, the durability of the product along with eliminating any possible hazardous chemical usage with testing and approved certification. Using the extensive knowledge and experience in mattress development in the UK, USA, and Germany, SleepDoctor has designed an optimal mattress that fits everyone irrespective of factors.

R & D team works with manufacturing partners to produce a mattress that can give the best sleeping experience with a night of healthy sleep. We have done our best work to analyze and understand how your body reacts when you sleep on the mattress. So, the knowledge has helped us designing the mattress to support your body through our state-of-the-art patented technology.

Our team works endlessly to develop products with the latest foam technologies by selecting the best available Indian foams in the market. SleepDoctor always developed products keeping you in mind, utilizing valuable customer feedback as a guiding path for all our new product developments.

SleepDoctor mattresses and other products are proudly “Made in India” following the footsteps of our government. SleepDoctor mattress remains one of a kind in the market with its patented technology that is engineered in India to suit all body types. We collaborate to work with one of the leading foam manufacturers to deliver the best mattress for you.

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