Certifying a mattress as either good or bad is primarily dependent on the ergonomics and its biomechanical characteristics. The types of body support and sleeping postures on the mattress are ergonomic factors. Biomechanical factors include all the mechanics of the mattress.

Spinal alignment :

Most people primarily suffer from a lack of proper sleep due to back pain. The lack of support to the spine while lying in any position on the mattress remains the primary reason for back pains. In regular mattresses, the spinal cord is not supported in its natural and physiological shape while sleeping. As a result, the mattress fails to unload the pressure, adding more pressure on the spine leading to acute back pain after a while. SleepDoctor R&D team has developed a mattress that supports the spinal cord in all sleeping positions for all body types. As a result, the spine remains healthy and people don’t feel any acute back pains. The mattress distributes the pressure evenly using the principles of UpSpine technology based on the body structure. Thus, keeping the muscles relaxed and providing the consumers with a soothing experience throughout night sleep.

A mattress should always have an optimal stiffness, which allows the body to sink in evenly with even bodyweight distribution providing optimum spinal alignment. SleepDoctor mattress provides this optimum spinal alignment through its UpSpine technology.

Zoning :

The mattress has various zones, and the mattress stiffness varies in these zones based on the distribution of body weight. This terminology is called mattress zoning. SleepDoctor performed extensive research on this area to analyze the bodyweight distribution of a human on a mattress. A mattress with uniform stiffness does not provide the appropriate support for the entire body. The load applied by the body varies according to the load distribution based on the human body structure during which certain parts are pressurized.

The SleepDoctor mattress is designed symmetrically with many zones as per our human body supporting the head, neck, shoulder, lumbar, pelvis, thigh, and foot. SleepDoctor came up with a patented UpSpine technology that helps in weight distribution and optimum spinal alignment as per the human body structure. The mattress design ensures the right support in every zone of the body. The mattress adapts to the body shape irrespective of the posture through UpSpine technology. It also supports the posture providing maximum comfort along with optimal spinal alignment. The mattress gives utmost comfort on either side with its symmetrical design irrespective of the mattress orientation.

Ergonomic Zones:

Head Zone:

The head zone is the first zone in a mattress as seen in the picture. The head stability is achieved through our unique patented technology. This zone provides extra comfort on the neck area located under it. Thus, making it more suitable for even shorter people who cannot use the entire head area.

Neck Zones:

The neck zone can be seen in the picture, as it starts after the head zone flowing smoothly into the shoulder zone. The small cavities present along the neck zone help the neck to sink smoothly while considering the sensitivity of that area.

Shoulder Zones:

The shoulder zone follows the neck zone of the mattress. UpSpine technology ensures an optimal spinal alignment by allowing the shoulders to sink in with an even distribution of pressure.

Lumbar Zones:

The supportive lumbar zone makes the spine maintain its shape that is bent forward. UpSpine technology helped us to achieve this kind of support in the lumbar region.

Pelvic Zones:

The pelvic zone is at the center of the mattress. It maintains a balanced relationship between all other zones through UpSpine technology. The pelvic region sinks smoothly to induce an S shape while lying in the back & prone position and a straight spine in a side position. The pelvic zone is the point of symmetry followed by the thigh, calf, and foot zones based on the direction you sleep due to its symmetrical design.

Point Elasticity:

SleepDoctor mattress has a high level of point elasticity, which allows the sinking only in the places where the load is applied. The technology has a zero-motion transfer where if you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you will not feel the movement. This technology ensures that you are not disturbed during your sleep and sleep very comfortably. Adding to it, people with heavyweight can sink comfortably into the mattress along with the right kind of support to the lighter ones as well. The mattress core is dimensionally stable and highly elastic. The elastic property allows the mattress to spring back to its original state after releasing the load/weight. Henceforth, SleepDoctor mattresses are free from body impressions both in the morning after sleep and even after years of usage.

Benefits of Ergonomic Zones:

SleepDoctor mattress is a perfect fit in every sleeping position for all body types. The SleepDoctor mattress provides extreme comfort and support to the spine regardless of the size, weight, and sleeping position. The SleepDoctor mattress maintains the shape by evenly distributing the body weight, thereby assuring the highest comfort level. For example, three people are lying beside one another on the SleepDoctor mattress, the first in a back position, the second is in a side position, and the third in a prone position. The pressure distribution for these three people while laying has to be distributed evenly for a restful sleep in this case. With the help of point elasticity and body support provided by the UpSpine technology, SleepDoctor yields accurate pressure points. The UpSpine technology furnishes the necessary body support for all three individuals on the mattress, regardless of their lying positions and body shapes.

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