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As per studies, we spend around one-third of the adult phase and two-third of the childhood phase sleeping. The time we spend in bed counts for approximately 219,000 hours in our entire life. Sleep regulates the physical and psychological health conditions of our body synergetically, which influences our health and wellness. Sleep quality is an essential factor in our overall well-being. The vision of SleepDoctor is to heighten the importance of mattress in sleep quality and to provide the best sleeping experience for every person in our nation. To provide the highest quality of sleep, SleepDoctor developed a mattress with enhanced quality that can impart an ideal spinal alignment for all body types through its patented UpSpine® technology.

In general, back pains and sleeping disorders occur because of improper sleep patterns, reduced sleep quality, and low-quality mattresses. Poor design and mattress quality are often the reason behind back pains since it does not support comfortable postures while sleeping. Moreover, the distribution of body weight over the mattress and mattress behavior plays a rather important role in affecting sleep quality. SleepDoctor has unique patented technology that provides you the right kind of support and comfort throughout your sleep.

The primary mission of SleepDoctor is to provide the Indian population with premium quality, unique, and state-of-the-art technology mattress which enhances the sleep quality. While sleeping, SleepDoctor mattress serves the customers a healthy lifestyle by conserving their natural body and spine position. We always work our best to make the perfect mattress through vigorous mattress tests coordinated by our team of experts in research and development. The local development and production make our SleepDoctor unique from all the other Mattresses available in the market.

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