SleepDoctor Orthopaedic Premium Memory Foam Mattress


SleepDoctor mattress fits One for All, no matter your sleeping position, be it on the back, side, or stomach, regardless you are short or tall, light, or heavy.


The top layer of breathable open-cell polyurethane foam.

Second layer of cool gel memory foam.

The durable base of zoned high resilience polyurethane foam.


Top Knit: 100% Polyester combined with Aloe Vera and UltraFresh Technology.

Side Knit: 100% Polyester breathable.

Bottom Knit: Anti Slip – 100% Polyester.

UpSpine® Technology to support your spinal cord.

OpenCell Breathable foam with ActiveCool® technology on the cover keeps you cool throughout your sleep.

Motion Isolation- If a sleeper moves, the other sleeper will not feel the movement.

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Features of Our Product

One for All

One mattress, tailormade for the entire family.

5 Zoned Mattress

Optimal support, for each zone of your body.

Oekotex Certified

Nothing harmful. Certified.

10 Years Warranty

A mattress, forever…

UltraFresh Technology

A microbial shield to protect you.

Simple Unboxing

True DIY unboxing and set-up.

UpSpine ® Technology :

The innovative support system provides you the comfortable sleep throughout the night.

  • Five zones of targeted support for proper spinal alignment.
  • UpSpine® technology has helped us develop a mattress that can adapt to the shape of the body irrespective of your posture, also supporting your posture thus providing maximum comfort along with optimum spinal alignment.
  • The SleepDoctor mattress is designed symmetrically with many zones as per our human body that can support the head, neck, shoulder, lumbar, pelvis, thigh, and foot.
  • The mattress provides maximum comfort on either side with its symmetrical design irrespective of the mattress orientation.

ActiveCool® Cover:

  • The ActiveCool® Cover cover keeps you cool all night through its innovative cooling system.
  • Breathable foam and fabrics help to reduce heat with good air circulation.
  • Aloe Vera on the top cover keeps the mattress cool throughout your night's sleep.

Uncover the Engineering behind each layer

ActiveCool® Cover

The ActiveCool® elastic cover is made from a unique fiber with Aloe Vera. Aloe vera keeps you cool throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The unique 3D fiber increases the airflow, keeping moisture away from the textile, ensuring it has a pleasant and luxurious feel. The top layer with Aloe Vera and UltraFresh Technology protects the fabric from Bacteria, Fungus, Dust Mites, and other microbes. ActiveCool® Cover with the unique 3D fiber keeps the mattress in shape with all necessary features for a comfortable sleep.

Premium SoftCell Foam

The innovative premium SoftCell® foam regulates your sleep temperature through its open cell structure. The breathable foam increases the airflow keeping you cool throughout the night. The premium SoftCell® foam supports your body's pressure points with an extremely comfortable and luxurious feel throughout your sleep.

Cool Gel Memory Foam

The cool gel memory foam distributes your body weight evenly across the mattress by contouring the body shape through its viscoelastic nature. The cool gel infused in the memory foam keeps you cool throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.

High Resilience Foam with UpSpine Technology

The high-resilience base layer gives extra support with a solid base. The UpSpine® technology provides you with the right kind of support and comfort throughout your sleep. The UpSpine® technology allows the body to sink in evenly with even bodyweight distribution providing optimum spinal alignment. The UpSpine® technology has a zero-motion transfer where if you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you will not feel the movement. This technology ensures that you are not disturbed during your sleep and sleep very comfortably.

Anti-Slip Breathable Bottom Cover

The anti-slip breathable bottom cover prevents the mattress from slipping off and also ensures good air circulation.

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