Choosing The Right Mattress Size: A Definitive Guide

It is a common belief that a good night's sleep can turn a bad day around, and as one would expect, coming home to something capable of clearing your mind off a tiring day is Godsent.

Additionally, resting is essential for our brain and body to go about their day-to-day functions properly. Without it, the tiring-day cycle would only repeat itself. That's how important sleep is.

Likewise, there are a few things that hold just as much importance as sleep. These are the factors that help us enjoy a sound slumber. One of these is a mattress.

You can imagine just how invaluable a mattress must be if it is deemed essential in determining a good night's rest.

Previously, we had posted a comprehensive guide on the various factors to consider while going mattress shopping.

Following that, this article will be a handbook to choose the right mattress size for you.

Before we get into more details, a few sub-factors are involved in the decision-making process. These include:

  • The size of the room
  • The size of the bed
  • The number of people you will be sharing it with

For the first two, use a measuring tape to note down the accurate dimensions. As for the third, discuss the number of occupants by considering the availability of rooms and comfort level.

Once you have enough information, start weighing your options and choose the one you deem fittest.

The choices might seem overwhelming and leave you confused. That's why we have provided tips on whom each mattress size would suit the best.


At best, a single-size mattress can fit one person comfortably and is suitable for smaller rooms. It could either be one adult or one child sleeping on it. Anything more than this will feel too cramped for everyone occupying space on the bed.

This mattress is a popular choice among kids, teenagers, and those who live alone.

SleepDoctor orthopedic memory foam Mattress offers this size in the following dimensions:

  • 72x36 inches (6x3 feet)
  • 75x36 inches (6.25x3 feet)
  • 78x36 inches (6.5x3 feet)





Also known as Diwan, this mattress can perfectly fit two children or an adult and a child. Although two adults can sleep on this, the room for comfort is doubtful.

However, since it is wider than the single-size mattress, two grown-ups can occupy the bed, provided they are relatively shorter in height.

SleepDoctor Mattress offers this size in the following dimensions:

  • 72x48 inches (6x4 feet)
  • 75x48 inches (6.25x4 feet)
  • 78x48 inches (6.5x4 feet)

This mattress is suitable for those under 5'5" in height.





The width of a queen-size bed makes it an excellent choice for parents to sleep with their infant. Two adults of an above-average build can find themselves comfortably drifting off on a bed with this mattress.

SleepDoctor Mattress offers this size in the following dimensions:

  • 72x60 inches (6x5 feet)
  • 75x60 inches (6.25x5 feet)
  • 78x60 inches (6.5x5 feet)

Queen-size mattresses are the most popular kind, owing to their compatibility with most bed frames. They are also the go-to choose for couples.





These mattresses are befitting for vast spaces and favorable towards nuclear families with infants or toddlers. The size is wide enough to feel like a fusion of two single-size beds, making it the most suitable choice for heavy sleepers who tend to roll over or move around.

SleepDoctor Mattress offers this size in the following dimensions:

  • 72x72 inches (6x6 feet)
  • 75x72 inches (6.25x6 feet)
  • 78x72 inches (6.5x6 feet)

Tall people over 5'6" and those who fancy sleeping with their pets will find this mattress a convenient fit.




Although we have furnished tips to ease your way through mattress-hunting, we must let you know this: at the end of the day, what you think would satisfy your needs is all that matters.

No matter what your choices might be, one thing remains unchanged: SleepDoctor Mattress has a solution for all your needs.

Developed regionally and employing the "One For All" ideology, at SleepDoctor Mattress, we believe in providing overall support and spinal alignment to all those who sleep on our mattress.

By that account, no matter what position you sleep in, how tall you are, or how much you weigh, our cost-effective mattress will deliver the comfort as promised.

With SleepDoctor Mattress, find yourself dozing off in a night of sound sleep as quickly as reciting the alphabet!

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