How To Choose The Best Mattress For Your Home

Since the beginning of time, health experts have been preaching the importance of a good night’s sleep; it’s high time we begin acknowledging it.

I agree, only a few of us can get through the night without facing any kind of disruption.

But have you ever wondered what could be causing this forbidden romance between you and your sound sleep?

Well… the culprit could be your mattress.

Yes, you heard me right.

Although a detrimental lifestyle could be cited as a potential reason for one to wake up all grumpy, restless, and lacking the will to face another day, multiple pieces of research have claimed that one’s choice of mattress holds the power to make or break one’s sleep routine. However, this is a factor that many people often tend to overlook.

That’s why it’s highly crucial to make the right choice and invest in a mattress that caters to your comfort!

Choosing the best mattress for your home is certainly no mean feat – it isn’t cheap and could even make you run to a hundred shops! But investing a significant amount of time and energy into the selection process for the right mattress will fetch you high returns for a long time to come.

However, being overwhelmed with a wide range of mattress types and manufacturers to choose from isn’t exactly helpful to consumers and puts them in a state of confusion.

This leads us to the burning question – how does one choose the best mattress for their home?

Fret not! We, your saviors in digital disguise, have got you covered!

We took the liberty of carefully curating a list of criteria that every mattress buyer should consider before and whilst shopping for one.

Here’s your guide to achieving a blissful slumber, devoid of any disturbances:

Mattress Size

If you’re looking for a mattress that has enough space to fit two people in comfortable sleeping positions, a king-size model is a more viable option. However, this only pertains to people under 6’8. Anyone taller than that will, unfortunately, have to get a custom mattress made. 

The position in which you sleep also has a say in the size of the mattress you should buy.


If you’re looking for more width, a queen-size mattress would suffice. If you require more space from wanting to move around a lot or if kids are sleeping with you on the bed, we come back to the king-size mattress.

Besides, if your height is below average and you don’t move as much in your sleep, a double/single sized mattress is your best bet!

Sleeping Position

Just like the fingerprints in our hands, each person has a distinct sleeping position – some sleep on their side, some on their back, and some don’t even have one!

Whatever your position may be, the mattress you’re buying should be able to adapt to it.

The DIN (German Institute of Standardisation) has endorsed certain criteria that mattress manufacturers must follow, in terms of offering comfort based on the customer’s sleeping position.

For side-sleepers, the mattress should be designed in such a way that position of their spine is straight. This way, the pressure applied on their hip and shoulder joints is significantly reduced.

For people who sleep on their backs, the mattress should allow their spine to take an “S” shape that resembles the standing spine shape recommended by the DIN. This will take the edge off the support required on their lower backs.

For people who lie on their stomach while sleeping – first of all, it is advisable that you bring about a change in your sleeping position, as this is widely considered to be the worst one to sleep in. Your weight will be poorly distributed in the position, causing your spine to curve unevenly. Your mattress should enable your spine to take an “S” shape similar to the standing spine shape suggested by the DIN, thereby reducing the pressure applied on your torso.

Despite the fact that there are multiple mattresses that have been designed to cater to each of these sleeping positions individually, we may not be aware of our position while in deep slumber. Therefore, having a single mattress which is designed to accommodate all types of sleeping positions can save you lots of money on doctors’ appointments.


I know, I was surprised too! But your weight does play a key role in defining your comfort and thereby, your mattress. 

Here’s how:

People who weigh below 70 kilograms are termed “light sleepers” and if they tend to sleep on their side, it is advised that they buy a mattress that is roughly 6 inches thick in order to provide proper support to their body.

For people who weigh 70 kilograms and above, a mattress with around 8 inch of thickness is sure to provide optimal comfort. It’ll provide the right amount of support and reduces pressure on the hip and shoulder joints. 

Although a mattress that has a higher level of firmness can provide incredible back support to sleepers and aid them in their quest for a comfortable sleep, it is ultimately one’s personal choice.


It is no secret that buying a mattress is an expensive affair. So, don’t be afraid to spend a couple of extra bucks to gain that extra comfort. 

Having a lavish budget does not mean that you could splurge on a king-size mattress for a young child, and having a meagre budget certainly does not mean that you should settle for the cheapest one.

Carefully ponder over the aforementioned criteria, and on the basis of who sleeps on the mattress, choose one that is best suited for your needs.

Other Criteria

Besides the primary criteria that have been mentioned above, there are a few more parameters that one must take into consideration. 

These include the type of material used, durability of the mattress, credibility of the tests performed on it, and its tolerance to partner disturbance. 

With all these said and suggested, it would be unfair on my part to not recommend a mattress that can provide you all of these benefits and more, at a very affordable price range. 

May I present to you – SleepDoctor!  

SleepDoctor is a Chennai-based start-up with the mission of providing the optimal sleeping experience for every person in our nation with their one-for-all orthopedic memory foam mattresses. They have developed the mattress with enhanced quality that can impart an ideal spinal alignment for all body types through its patented technology.

The design comprises of five layers– ActiveCool ® Cover, Premium SoftCell ® Foam, Memory Foam, High Resilience Foam with UpSpine ® Technology and Anti-Slip Breathable Bottom Cover. 

In addition to this, the design of the mattress distributes the weight of the body sleeping on it evenly and contours the shape of the body to provide adequate support. 

It also prevents the sleeper from sweating, shields the mattress from sagging after prolonged use, has a low rolling resistance and to top it all off, SleepDoctor offers a 10-year warranty to its customers.

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but with features like these, I wouldn’t mind doing so!

We hope that this guide offered you invaluable insights that go into buying a mattress and helped you gain the confidence to take a courageous decision and make a vital investment to benefit your lives.  

Don’t forget to think of us when you’re out shopping for your sleep savior or when you realize that it was SleepDoctor all along!

Have a happy slumber!

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