Types of Mattresses You Should Know About

Listen, we understand. Buying a new mattress is a huge commitment, and a lot of money and thought goes into it. After all, when you want to come home to a good night’s sleep, your mattress becomes your best friend, and one would not want to compromise on that. The right mattress should make sure that you have a well-rested night, and one should wake up feeling refreshed.

Feels like too complicated a way to buy a mattress? What if we were to tell you that we have a little cheat sheet that could help you buy the best mattress?

Yes, you heard us right the first time. Before you plunge into the buying process, here are all the different kinds of mattresses currently available in the market.

Coir Mattress

This mattress is truly the grandfather of all mattresses, as it has been in the market for generations. It is an indigenous creation, made from natural coconut fibers.

These mattresses are a popular choice for mattress buyers in South India, and more so in Chennai, because of their affordability. It is a very eco-friendly choice and costs very little.


It is an option to consider for those living in areas that have a hot climate. But the disadvantage of this kind of mattress is that it is rigid and offers no support while sleeping. It does not move or adjust according to your body requirements, guaranteeing an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Original Foam Mattress

This kind of mattress is something that mattress manufacturers have been selling for decades. Although foam mattresses are popular, one disadvantage that sellers don’t tell you about is that it radiates heat, which may cause your body to dehydrate during the night. Hence, people living in colder regions usually prefer this mattress as their first option.


Airbed mattress

As the name goes, this is filled with air, quite literally. They give you the feeling of sleeping in a bouncy castle. The mattress has air chambers that are padded and flexible. You can pump in or take-out air as per your requirement, which makes it very adaptable. But the flip side is that it is best suited only for those who sleep on their back and don’t roll over.

Spring mattress

These mattresses are made with several isolated, well-spaced springs or a single array of springs. These mattresses are of two types:

a. Pocket Spring Mattress

These have multiple springs wrapped in pockets. Though this is not popular in India, it is preferred by the health-conscious due to its durability. One problem that persists with these kinds of mattresses is that they are heavy and hard to maintain.

b. Bonnell Spring Mattress

These mattresses have hourglass-shaped springs that have a supportive surface and are durable. They are more often preferred by those with special needs, such as that of athletes. These mattresses are also heavy and can cause discomfort while sleeping.

Hybrid mattress

This kind of mattress has the best of both worlds, as it has several layers of latex foam and springs. It is an amalgamation of foam and springs that give you the experience of a sleep fit for royalty. It is something that only royalty can afford and is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for the best price on a mattress, this is not the option to consider.


Waterbeds became quite the rage and were a huge fad in pop culture. Although there is a common myth that states that it supports your back and such, most orthopedic experts have strongly advised against using this type of mattress, especially if you have a bad back or any such health condition.

Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses are something that has gained traction in the last decade. They take the shape of your body and evenly balance it out, guaranteeing you a good night’s sleep. Most 5-star hotels have this type of mattress to offer their clients a premium experience.


It retains the shape formed when you sleep, helping you to tap into the right pressure points. But, beware, this means that it is slightly expensive. It also radiates heat because of the polyurethane resin in it, making you sweat when you wake up.

Latex mattresses

These are what you would call the polar opposite of a memory foam mattress. They adjust themselves while you are asleep, enabling you to sleep comfortably. But, as soon as you wake up, it goes back to its original position. This is made from either natural latex, which comes from rubber, or by combining this natural latex with springs or reflex foam.

These mattresses are comparatively cooler than foam mattresses. However, they can be uncomfortable to sleep on, to the nature of the latex.

Orthopedic Mattresses

Well, we were saving the best for the last, for, this is the mattress you should be buying, especially if you are from India.


Because this is a demographic that has forgotten the whole concept of work-life balance, thereby effectively putting one’s health into a toss.

This is where Orthopaedic mattresses come in as your knight in shining armor. They offer superior comfort and a premium sleeping experience. Thanks to the work-from-home culture taking precedence, more and more people are complaining of back pain and such. This is the one-stop-solution to all your sleeping woes, because, with an orthopedic mattress, you would be sleeping like a baby.

They also have various other advantages, like helping in posture correction, lumbar support, and are ergonomically designed to give your body the best conditions to sleep. Then again, the price factor comes into the picture.

Enter Sleep Doctor.

At SleepDoctor, we manufacture premium quality mattresses at an affordable price range, helping the customer to have a healthy sleep cycle. We believe that this paves to a healthy lifestyle, by enabling the body to retain the natural posture that is intended biologically while sleeping on the SleepDoctor mattress. We strive to make your sleeping experience as you have just come out of the spa every single day, by making the perfect mattress through vigorous mattress tests coordinated by our team of experts in research and development. Our patented technology ensures that your sleep is guaranteed, and that’s a SleepDoctor promise!

In addition to this, the local development and production make our SleepDoctor unique from all the other Mattresses available in the market.

If you are someone looking for a mattress and are apprehensive about spending a large sum of money without compromising on your sleeping experience, SleepDoctor is your new best friend!

So, what are you waiting for? Come, buy a SleepDoctor mattress today, and we assure you that you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

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